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Why ACE?

At South Quay College, we are passionate about developing the next generation of enterprising citizens. All students have the chance to take part in Active Citizenship & Enterprise, (ACE), a programme designed to foster a spirit of entrepreneurship and to equip students to thrive both in the workplace and within the wider community.

We believe that by expanding our students’ horizons to the wider world, they will benefit from an increased understanding of entrepreneurship, financial capability, business acumen, philanthropy, and community involvement.

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What is ACE?

ACE is delivered as a series of Enterprise Days that will usually take place each Friday in Key Stage 4 and termly in Key Stage 5.

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The ACE programme covers a broad range of activities and themes:

  • Business & Enterprise projects
  • Work-related Learning
  • Social Enterprise
  • Mindfulness & Healthy Living
  • Team Sports & Outdoor Pursuits
  • Creative Arts
  • Community & Volunteering projects
  • Employability sessions
  • Global Enterprise
  • British Values
  • Financial Capability
  • Media & Music
  • Cultural challenge

By including SMSC and PSHE, as well as British Values in the ACE programme, we hope to help our students to prepare for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life in British society.

How does ACE work?

We recognise that our students benefit from both formal and informal educational experiences. Wherever possible, we make use of high quality, reputable programmes and give students the opportunity to gain accreditation for the skills and knowledge that they acquire.

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Our partnership with PiXL Edge builds on our existing model to provide an integrated skills training framework for our KS4 learners, focused on:

Leadership, Organisation, Resilience, Initiative and Communication.

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The Modern Baccalaureate closes the gap between the classroom and the workplace, and includes modules such as: Modern language/IT, ICT/Computing, Enterprise/Financial Capability, Extended Project, Work Experience, Work-related Programme, Personal Challenge, SMSC/Citizenship. There is an emphasis on developing character and resilience, and acquiring the skills highlighted in the CBI Framework for Employability Skills.

Young Enterprise

Young Enterprise is widely recognised for its many initiatives that take young people from the classroom into the world of work. As part of ACE, our students will make the most of established projects such as The Company Programme and The Tenner Challenge to develop their business and enterprise skills.

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Our partnership with the Aleto Foundation provides excellent leadership opportunities for our learners. The Aleto Foundation Leadership Programme teaches young people key skills such as effective communication and networking.

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We believe that understanding the expectations of the workplace can help you to succeed professionally. The CBI, a leading voice in UK business, has developed a Framework for Employability Skills that highlights key skills valued by employers across all industries.

We have adopted this framework as a guide for the ACE programme, and as a benchmark to help our students develop their own transferable skills.

Find out more about CBI framework

CBI Framework for Employability Skills

We have adopted this employer-led framework to measure our students’ personal development as...

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