Our Model

SQC’s programmes are designed to support you as you prepare for adulthood. Whilst we care deeply about your academic results, your personal development is equally important. Students are offered a vocational pathway for the academic year, comprised of 3 equally important parts:

Research tells us that developping a secure relationship with at least one trusted and available adult can have a huge impact on learning and success. Whilst this usually begins at home, we also believe that it is important in the school environment. Therefore each student is offered a chance to meet with a Student Journey Lead (SJL) for 1:1 support with both personal development and career planning.  During a typical session you might set and review targets related to your course, or to personal development and future career goals. The SJL is also an advocate and liaises with family members and any external agencies that may be working with a student.

Meet the SJL team.

As well as selection of vocational qualifications, English and maths are a key part of your studies as employers value literacy and numeracy. We also offer a range of core subjects and activities designed to develop you personally, socially and academically.


Each young person undertakes an initial and diagnostic assessment which helps us to determine the most appropriate pathway and starting level for him/her.

Please download the prospectus, or visit the Key Stage 4 pages to see more detailed course information.

Download Our KS4 Prospectus Here

Students take part in Personal Development, PSHE and Employability lessons to encourage them to think about important issues and develop transferable skills such as teamwork, professional communication and business principles. As well as developing the confidence and agility to succeed in the workplace, we also believe that young people should have opportunities to engage with the wider community so that they are able to be active citizens and leaders in the modern world. We have adopted the CBI Framework for Employability Skills as a roadmap for employability and careers education, as it highlights key skills that employers look for and that our students should be developing through a wide range of learning experiences. SMSC and British Values are also covered in these sessions. Activites are varied and can include, discussions, enterprise projects and personal careers planning.


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