A Parent's Perspective

A Parent's Perspective

Clara's* mum has seen first-hand how Clara's life has changed since joining South Quay College.

So can you tell me any more about what Clara’s life was like before coming to South Quay College?

Before? She was miserable. Miserable, unhappy, lonely.

She felt suppressed, picked on by the teachers, not the children. Because always it was “Clara this, Clara that”, every other day it was something and she didn’t want to get out of bed, she didn’t want to go to school. She thought it was a massive task and as soon as she got out of there she completely changed. 

She was happy she couldn’t wait to get out. She was more lively. She actually started learning and it was something she looked forward to. And it made me happier because she was happier. And basically, she achieved what she could achieve, which if she’d stayed in her previous school, she wouldn’t have achieved anything, I think she would have got thrown out to be honest.

What would you say were the biggest challenges she faced before South Quay College?

Getting up to get to school was definitely a big big challenge, getting to school on time was another one, even though I know at South Quay College it’s the same thing!

How do you think South Quay College helped Clara overcome those barriers?

Wow. Incredibly. It changed her. It changed her personality. It changed her attitude. She was much happier. Um I know it’s still a mission for her to get up and get to school on time but at least she went in almost every day! It was hard for her to get in on time to start with, that was a target we had to meet but her herself it just, I don’t know if it was the school, I don’t know if she grew up, I don’t know but she just totally changed. But it weren’t rapidly. The first year was *sigh*.

Would you be able to pinpoint any action or any one thing that you think South Quay College did?

The support. I think the support that you’ve all given her at South Quay College is incredible. I really really appreciate that. That’s helped her to come this far. And obviously she’s coming back isn’t she in September?!

You know I can’t believe she actually managed to come back because I know she wanted to go into full time work but she’s going to go do education! I’m shocked by that. So definitely the support, the will power that you push and push and push students to aim and achieve everything they possibly can definitely, but definitely the support is outstanding.

What do you think Clara liked the most about South Quay College?

The attention I think. No the support, the attention. And she met a lot of new people there, like children her age, because she didn’t really mingle in her previous school.

What would you tell your friends if they heard their child was coming to South Quay College?

I would definitely rate South Quay College and I would definitely say “Go for it”. I’d give really good feedback and I’d say to them, get your child to ask Clara, her experience, because she went there. I’m pleased that I let her go to South Quay College, I really am.

Do you think South Quay College has changed Clara’s life?

Oh definitely. 100%. I can’t believe she’s going back! That is shocking that she’s actually going back. She’s going to do well. She is. Thanks to you guys though! I don’t know how you made her like school. It’s really good.

*Name changed to protect identity

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