KS4 Referrals

We work in partnership with schools, colleges, professionals and community organisations to offer the young people they work with an alternative education route that prepares them for adulthood..

South Quay College offers clear and achievable progression options for young people at Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11), helping them into either further training, Apprenticeships or employment. Whatever their barriers, our supportive team and flexible training options ensure that learners receive a personalised, nurturing service which puts them at the centre of everything we do.

Please email keziah.man@southquaycollege.org.uk to request a prospectus or download an electronic copy here.

KS4 students are required dress appropriately for learning and participating in practical activities by using the following dress code:

  • Black / grey tops (not crop tops)
  • Black / Grey trousers or skirts
  • Black / Grey Trainers or shoes

Students will not be permitted to wear hoodies, shorts, ripped jeans or overly short skirts.

Who would be considered for full time referral to SQC KS4?

A) Young People who meet LBTH FAP thresholds for Full Time KS4 Alternative Provision

As these places are extremely expensive and the portion that the referring school pays is only a small fraction of the actual cost, these places are reserved for students with multiple vulnerabilities including:

  • Chronic non-attendance (below 50% or repeated prosecutions)
  • High risk of permanent exclusion due to persistently poor behaviour or a serious one-off incident
  • Severe underachievement with other risk factors,
  • Serious involvement with Anti-Social Behaviour which creates risk for other students and is impacting on education

B) As well as meeting the LBTH FAP thresholds, young people who tend to benefit most from a place at SQC may relate to the following descriptions:

  • Displays mild to severe social, emotional or mental health needs, manifesting in behaviours which can be addressed through relationship building and a person-centred, holistic approach.
  • Has mild to significant learning needs (Communication and interaction / Cognition and Learning) and is finding it increasingly difficult to cope with their current education environment. May have exhausted all the support options available at their current school. Would benefit from smaller class sizes and adapted curriculums. We are not able to accommodate learners working at P scales.
  • Has mild to moderate physical and medical needs or mild to moderate sensory needs. A thorough and detailed review and assessment process would be required with our Director of Inclusion.
  • Has become disengaged from their education for a variety of reasons such as personal circumstances, lifestyle choices or peer issues and needs a fresh start, with an integrated multi-agency approach to their education.
  • Is likely to progress via a study programme / work based learning / apprenticeship route in future and may benefit from making the transition prior to reaching Post-16.

Why refer to South Quay College?

We understand that learners do not progress through training at the same rate. Some can progress quickly once they have a clear goal and others need more support and time to build the skills and confidence to progress into sustainable employment. Our training model reflects this. It allows learners to develop a tailormade progression route through our service with the advice of our team to be in the position to secure a Traineeship, Apprenticeship, or further education at the end of their journey with us. 

We have many years of experience working with the complex needs of learners and maintain a high ratio of staff-to-learners, to offer wrap around support and encouragement to help learners succeed and progress into sustained training and employment.

Each student is assigned a Pastoral Lead who supports them throughout their learning, identifying additional support needs for young people and liaising with external support services and families.

We take Safeguarding at South Quay College very seriously and staff are trained to deal with any issues that might arise. We work closely with all necessary support services and families throughout a student's time with us to ensure that they receive the appropriate support.

Key Stage 4 is an inclusive provision that is committed to supporting the learning needs of each young person. We welcome all students who have the potential to benefit from our provision and will work with them to overcome any barriers to progression. If a young person has an EHCP, we will work closely with the young person, family and local authority SEN Team to assess the suitability of South Quay College's KS4 provision for the young person's specific needs. If a place is approved by the SEN Panel, a tailored pathway will be offered, in line with the SEND Code of Practice.

Guided by the SENCo, KS4 provides the following for all learners:

  • Thorough Initial Assessment of working levels and learning needs
  • Pupil Passport with individualised strategies for learning, reflecting the learners' own attitudes and goals
  • Small classes, with a high ratio of staff to learners
  • 1:1 coaching and individualised pastoral support
  • A range of pathways to meet different learners' needs
  • Referrals for additional services / support where appropriate

We ensure that learners are offered flexible yet clear progression pathways. We also realise that young people differ in their aspirations and 'readiness' for work. This is why personal development and employability skills are a key part of the curriculum at SQC. We want students to develop skills that are transferable to other training and employment settings and to have a broad range of experiences that can inspire and inform their decision making when they leave us.

Read about Career Education here.

Our provision has been graded Outstanding by Ofsted and an example of best practice.

How to refer someone to our programme


1) Full Time Referrals from Tower Hamlets Schools (no EHCP)

Referrals are made via the EHA assessment and review process with any accompanying academic and attendance information uploaded onto eEHA and going to FAP Panel for consideration by the whole multi-agency panel.

They should be emailed to kerrigen.marriner@towerhamlets.gov.uk  and FAP@towerhamlets.gov.uk. FAP meets every fortnight on a Monday.

Please note, referrals can be made in year, however there is usually a deadline in late May for summer term  referrals of Year 9 and 10 students for ‘early transition’ to South Quay College.  Please contact FAP for further information on referrals.

In line with FAP protocol, if a referral is approved, South Quay College will invite the young person for an initial assessment (usually 2 days) prior to being offered a start date. If a student and their parent / carer have not already had an informal visit, this will also be arranged at this stage. This will usually be within 10 working days of FAP approval.

2) Full Time Students with EHCP

The referring school will need to arrange a transition meeting and EHCP annual review. The referring school will then need to submit a referral to the appropriate LA SEN Section for consideration. If the SEN Panel supports the referral they will contact South Quay College requesting a Consultation in line with the SEND Code of Practice.

3) Full Time Students from other boroughs (no EHCP)

The referring school will need to complete all requested application paperwork and forward any relevant accompanying background information about the young person. Please ensure that you have the family’s consent to share this information and that any other agencies who will continue to work with the young person are aware of the referral request.

Admissions Enquiries

For information regarding the referral process please contact:

Keziah Man: keziah.man@southquaycollege.org.uk

Tel: 020 3727 6300

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