Entrepreneurship + Charity = Active Citizens!!

Entrepreneurship + Charity = Active Citizens!!

At South Quay College in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, staff and students live by the mantra “We don’t label, we enable.” By taking action with WE Scare Hunger, students who have often relied on the support of others, have been empowered to give back.

As an alternative provision school, South Quay College caters for young learners who have been unable to thrive in mainstream education. The College has entrepreneurship at its heart, helping students to use their creativity and energy to solve problems and develop life skills.

To take on hunger, students would need to organise and oversee a multifaceted project. From exploring local food poverty, to advertising their campaign, to food collection and distribution, students managed the project with professionalism. With the knowledge that every new skill they learned has real life application—research, project-management, operations, public speaking—the group gave it their all!

They created posters, shared messages on social media and delivered an assembly to teach others about the issue. The outcome? An amazing 45 items were collected in just three days!

For Principal, Martin Nirsimloo, the project has helped students to learn by doing:

“Our mission is to raise the level of aspiration for our students and help them to integrate into the community. The WE Schools campaigns help our students to be active citizens—this fits perfectly,” he said.

Active citizenship goes hand-in-hand with community engagement. For a group of students who have not always been welcomed by their local community, delivering their donation to the foodbank was a big step. Yet, seeing the impact of their efforts first-hand, has inspired students to get back out into their community and to continue giving back.

By working together to fight local hunger, South Quay College students have learned that they can achieve great things, for themselves and others.

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