Traineeships - What are they?

Traineeships - What are they?

We sat down with our Traineeship Programme Leader, David Sharples, to ask some quesitons about what you can expect when sigining up to a Traineeship.

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David, what is a Traineeship?

“A Traineeship is a pre-employment programme, aimed at giving young people the skills and experience needed to successfully transition into work, apprenticeship or further study.”

How can it benefit a young person wanting to get into work?

“It gives young people the opportunity to develop job-ready skills such as leadership, teamwork, professional communication and gives them the opportunity to put these skills into practice in a real work environment. It also gives them the opportunity to experience something that is perhaps out of reach at their current stage of life, because of the professional reach that we have and the relationships with employers.”

How long have you been involved in leading Traineeships?

“I have been leading Traineeship programmes for roughly 18 months. A highlight for me has been seeing so many young people transition into apprenticeships.”

How can somebody expect to learn new skills during the programme?

“Over the past 18 months we have been very intentional about how we tailor our sessions. We have spoken to learners, and professional organisations such as IBM, and have together developed the programme based upon these insights. The content is designed to help young people become more job ready – with both the theory, and the opportunity to practice.”

“We have also worked hard to embed networking practice and opportunities into the programme; teaching young people the basics of networking and tools which they can use. One learner last year was able to gain an apprenticeship as a direct result of networking opportunities from the programme.”

Can you tell us about the job placements which take place on the programme?

“Professional placements vary between 5-6 weeks and they are designed to be a valuable experience for the young person. All learners will go through an assessment-style day, which we prepare them for, to help identity what opportunities will be best for them. These assessment days are designed to mimic real life assessment days which they may encounter after the programme.”

What would you say to a young person considering a Traineeship?

“A Traineeship really provides the opportunity to develop and refine your skills and will help to give you an idea about what you want to do in the future. It develops transferable skills so that when you decide what you want to do, you have got a great place to start!”


If you would like to find out more about Traineeships you can get in touch via the contact details below, or come along to our Recruitment Day on 7th December.


Phone: 020 3727 6222

Text: 07540 686 503

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