Student Journey Leads

We believe that positive and consistent relationships very important for creating successful and productive environments. If a person feels safe and able to trust the people around them, it is easier to focus on learning or work.  Student Journey Leads (SJLs) work with each student in KS4 and KS5, providing:

  • 1:1 coaching and support outside the classroom
  • a link between home, school and external agencies
  • additional support with IAG and progression planning
Fatumah Traore

Fatumah Traore - KS4

Leema Sumaiya

Leema Sumaiya - KS5

Lisa Cade

Lisa Cade - KS4

Syreeta Bains

Syreeta Bains - KS5

Jordan Binns

Jordan Binns - KS4

Ruth Ovia

Ruth Ovia - KS5

Syreeta Bains - KS5
Syreeta has always provided a warm and welcoming atmosphere for students, colleagues and visitors. She builds positive rapports with learners and their families by offering support and guidance. She explains ‘it’s important for everyone to understand education can be very hard time for some young learners’ and so she likes to encourage and support the KS5 students to attend college by reminding them of the consequences of missing education. She likes to go the extra mile sourcing potential courses and apprenticeships for students while also supporting them through the application process. Prior to her work at SQC, Syreeta was a Lead Youth Worker and has developed useful experience within the social care sector that she applies to her current role. She is passionate when it comes to personal development and her ultimate aim as a Student Journey Lead is to motivate and empower young people to reach their potential.

Ruth Ovia - KS5
Ruth has worked with young people for 11 years and counting. She has a creative personality and a great sense of humour which helps to break down barriers with her students. She explains that ‘young people have a lot of energy, it’s great to be able to help steer that energy in the right direction. They have hopes and dreams’. She is passionate about guiding students on their journey to achieve their goals. She understands that ‘they have real struggles and real fears and it great to be able to be there for them and show them a way out’. Ruth’s advice to students is that ‘as long as you’re alive, there is always opportunity to start again, we fail when we give up, we succeed in beating our failures when we use everything we have to just keep going...One Step at a Time’

Leema Sumaiya - KS5
Leema has worked with young people for 5 years. She embraces the organised lifestyle and is skilled in prioritising her workload. She is experienced in dealing with challenging behaviour and helps students work through their difficulties. She loves to see her students progress and supports young people in understanding their goals as well as any requirements for entry to opportunities. In addition to being an SJL, Leema oversees admissions so is able to guide students throughout the process from enrolment to completion. Her advice to young people is to gain as much work experience as possible either through paid work or volunteering. Volunteering could lead on to paid position – all experience matters!

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